5 tips for a better understanding of web users

Blog4 - 5 tips for a better understanding of web users

When designing a website, you are essentially taking a physical business and transferring it online. This therefore means that goods, services or information that your customers had to physically come to your store or office to obtain, they can now easily access by themselves through your website. What this means is that you’re dealing with the same customers but just through a different platform therefore your approach should remain the same, what changes is the context.

This is a crucial detail about website users what web developers must always keep in mind as they carry out website design because it’s what will determine whether their websites will successfully appeal to users.

Here are 5 tips for a better understanding of web users.

Tip 1: Users are always looking for something useful

The same way a customer will do window shopping before stepping into a shop is the same way internet users scan through websites before deciding on whether to go through the content. Therefore, always make sure that users can see your value proposition in a glance. If they find it useful they will definitely click on it.

Tip 2: Users always appreciate quality and credibility

For your website to stand out and attract users, it has to provide quality and credible content. If the content is good and credible, many users have demonstrated that they can overlook a poor design.

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Tip 3: Users scan before they decide to read

Most web users have an idea of what they are looking for by the time they key in a search. Therefore, when your website shows up on their search, they will quickly scan through it to see whether it has the content they are looking for. Therefore, you must ensure your headings or call to action stands out so that they can be easily spotted.

Tip 4: Users are impatient

In most occasions, when a user is on your website, they are looking for information to help them make a decision. Because they have many websites to choose from, they will often want to spend as little time as possible on any given website. Therefore, as a designer, you must ensure that users can access content they want in a very short time so that they don’t skip to the next site and continue with their search there.

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Tip 5: Users are not known to make optimal choices

When doing internet searches, especially on a subject matter they have little knowledge about, most users will not systematically search for this information, they will simply look for the first website that will offer a reasonable option and stop their search there. Therefore, it’s important to optimize your website so that it’s among the top options that users get in the search engine.

Keep these 5 tips in mind and you are guaranteed to design a website that your users will appreciate.

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