Sports Betting Affiliate Program – Affiliates at Tipico & Co

You can also earn money with sports betting without having to place a bet yourself. Here you can find out how this works. Website operators have the option of forwarding customers to a bookmaker via text links or banners. After registration you will receive a commission. However, the offers are sometimes very different, which is why I would like to present the best sports betting partner programs in more detail. It is always important that interested parties inform themselves exactly about the individual conditions in advance.

Which remuneration model is the best?

Depending on the bookmaker, intermediaries either receive a fixed commission (CPA) for each newly registered customer or they participate in later sales (revenue share). Which variant provides the higher income in the individual case cannot be said across-the-board. As a rule, there is a premium from 30 euros per new customer. The UK betting operator William Hill pays up to 70 euros, depending on the number of customers brokered. Alternatively, agents can also opt for a commission between 30 and 50 percent. More details about William Hill you can find in this William Hill review. More best betting sites uk u will find here.

As a rule of thumb, websites with less traffic and, in the case of smaller bookmakers, the flat-rate premium per customer is more worthwhile. Who has a high number of visitors on his side, drives against it usually with the participation in sales better.

Please note that some bookmakers have to pay attention to a so-called “negative carry over”, which affects accounts that are in the red due to the profits of the acquired customers. Commissions are not paid again until the account is balanced.