How to use content marketing to grow your website user base

Blog7 - How to use content marketing to grow your website user base

A company’s website is essentially an extension of its brand. Therefore, any internet user who visits this website is a potential customer and an opportunity for this company to convert the user into an actual customer. This is the reason why content marketing becomes an important part of web development and a way to increase a website’s user base and by extension a company’s customer base.

Visitors to a website in many occasions are there to get information and learn more about a company, its products and services. At these point they are usually just users not customers. In order to convert them into customers, web developers must be very deliberate and ensure the website takes these users through the stages of awareness, evaluation, and conversion, which are the basics of content marketing.

Let’s take a look at how to achieve this.

Your site must create awareness

The key to pulling users to your site is demonstrating that your site can offer a solution to their problem. The key to making this possible is first making your users aware about the existence of this problem and why it needs to be solved. This will be the first step in getting users hooked up to your site. Your website’s content therefore needs to define the problem and clearly demonstrate how your products or service can solve the problem. You can achieve this through creative YouTube videos and blog posts.

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Your site must allow users to evaluate their options

When offering solutions online through your website, you must always be aware that your users will want an opportunity to evaluate your solutions. This is true whether it’s a product or service you are offering. Your users will often make purchasing decisions based on the results of this evaluation that is if it was able to solve the problem it sought out to solve. This is precisely why during the process of web development, you must always consider the option of product demos through the site. Let your users get to experience the product or service in action.

Your site should be able to convert the users

At the end of the day, you want to be able to use your website to convert its users into customers. You want them to make a conscious decision to purchase the company’s product or service. It’s therefore crucial to ensure that the content you develop leads the customer to overcome any hesitation about making a purchasing decision. You could achieve this through emphasizing on the company’s warranty or return policy as well as customer testimonials.

We trust that you are on your way to developing great content to keep your users hooked to your website.

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