Top 4 web design trends to look out for in 2018

Blog8 - Top 4 web design trends to look out for in 2018

Web design is ever morphing as developers work hard towards helping their clients meet the dynamic demands of their customers. This has led to web design trends emerging year on year and each trying to outdo the previous.

Let’s take a look at 4 trends that we believe will be big in 2018.

Incorporating web animation

Web designers are of the opinion that incorporating animations in web design will be big in 2018. This is because animations have proven to be really good tools in making ideas whether complex or simple much easier to comprehend. This becomes specifically important as websites continue to compete for the attention of internet users and potential customers. So far, animations have proven to be very effective story telling tools for a number of brands therefore it will not be a surprise if other brands attempt to join this bandwagon.

Use of more inventive typography

As websites and by extension brands compete for the attention of the billions of internet users, 2018 will see brands seek to stand out by using more inventive typography. With the concept of “it’s never that serious” being embraced more and more, companies, even those considered to be in serous businesses are embracing their fun side by being open to going for more bold, big and unconventional fonts as they formulate their messaging. The idea behind inventive typography is to increase dynamism in the user experience and maintaining a top on the mind presence.

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Employing more data storytelling

Over the years, design has been a major point of emphasis for designers. Where they have faced a challenge is in communicating complex ideas without losing the gist of the message. However, designers are now thinking outside the box and getting more creative in the way they use complex data to tell a story in a very simple and engaging way. 2018 will see AR and VR being incorporated in websites as a way of allowing users to have a more interactive and memorable experience.

Use of more playful illustrations

Brands are looking more and more at creating an identity for themselves as they seek to endear themselves more to their customers. Websites offer them an opportunity to accomplish this and this is an opportunity designers will relish in 2018. Websites are bound to have more fun and dynamic illustrations aimed at giving users a greater experience at the same time presenting these brands as fun and human thereby creating more customer loyalty.

There are of course many other trends to expect in 2018 but these 4 are the ones we feel stand out most.

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