A how to guide for designing for startups

Blog11 - A how to guide for designing for startups

Designers will often times find themselves having to come up with design concepts for new product lines or startups. It’s therefore crucial for them to be well prepared to handle such assignments. The reality is that you may never know how big a brand will get therefore you have to put your best foot forward so that if this brand blows up like let’s say Twitter, Facebook, Uber and many others, you can proudly busk in this success.

Here are a few pointers on how you can go through this process of design for new products, from the point of ideation, to testing and validation, to development, and release, and even beyond this to enable your client achieve their business goals.

Familiarize yourself with the processes

The work of a designer is to come up with a way of tackling user problems by clearly outlining what the product that solves this problem should be and how it should look like. You should be able to illustrate this in a diagram and learn to align your thoughts with the engineers who will be responsible for the actual work. You should therefore familiarize yourself with this process commonly referred to as the “pre-building” phase, as this will ensure that the rest of the process becomes much smoother.

Learn how to collaborate and coordinate the team

You must always be aware that the process of design often involves a lot of people therefore it will require plenty of team work and cross-collaboration. As the designer, you will often find yourself having to take lead because this was your concept therefore you must ensure all the pieces fit. You therefore need to ensure that the engineers, content strategists, data scientists as well as the research partners are reading from the same script so that they can be aligned. This is the only way the process will move smoothly.

Proper documentation and knowledge sharing

It’s always important to master the art of sharing timely information, ensure you don’t communicate too early or too late. As a rule of thumb, it’s advisable to share information through email and do an in person follow up. This will ensure that communication between the team during the design process is well documented.

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Always strive to deliver the best user experience

When working with startups, it’s crucial to start on a high note therefore, you must always strive to deliver to the users the best possible experience. This is part of the reasons good collaboration with the research team comes in handy because they will be best placed to give you the data on how users have been reacting to your design. The idea is to design and build an innovative product that is different from what exists in the market and provides a better customer experience.

Apply these basic principles in your process of design and you are well on your way to guiding your client in making a grand entry into the market.

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