3 things you must know about SEO

Blog6 - 3 things you must know about SEO

As we have mentioned in some of our previous posts Search Engine Optimization is essentially the deliberate and strategic effort of creating visibility for your website in search engines in an organic way. The idea is to creatively drive traffic, improve ranking and increase awareness of your website in search engines. SEO encompasses multiple aspects which will range from the content on your website’s pages, how your website has been designed, how beneficial its content is to the users, and how it links to other websites. Ultimately, what you want is for search engines as well as your users to easily understand your website.

To expound on this further, let’s take a look at 3 things web designers must know about SEO.

Always think about the keywords

The internet is essentially a database and as such, users will need to first query what they want through a search engine in order to get results. Therefore, as a rule in SEO, you have to get your keywords right. The content you post on your website has to be related to the keywords you use on your titles, URLs, as well as image names. The purpose for this is so that when a person is searching for information and they only type in a few key words related to the topic, the search engine will be able to link this search to your website provided you have used the key words appropriately. Caution must however be taken not to put too many keywords on your website because search engines have been programmed to treat this practice commonly referred to as “keyword-stuffing” as spam.

You must use fresh content

Fresh content on a website will always attract more traffic as users continue coming back to the website to check out the new stuff you have posted. You therefore need to regularly update new content on your website. An easy way to do this is by integrating a blog to the website and ensuring it’s very active by posting content that has a personal touch to it and offers opportunities for your readers to comment, give feedback, and even share your posts. This has a tremendous positive impact on your SEO.

social - 3 things you must know about SEO

The value of incorporating social media

When you have fresh content on your website or blog, it’s a good idea to ensure you post links on your social media platforms and also encourage your social media followers to share this links within their own networks. This increased distribution that results in the driving of traffic to your website from multiple platforms will tremendously boost your online presence and website rankings.

Incorporate these 3 practices in your SEO strategy and you can be guaranteed your website will always rank highly on search engines.

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