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Welcome to Schema Web, an informative and reliable online Magazine that promises to enhance your design knowledge. We guarantee to ensure you have fresh, practical and well researched content that will enhance your decision making process regardless of whether you are an experienced web designer or developer, or whether you are just getting into it. This is a resource platform for all in this creative field.

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At Schema Web, it’s our goal to look beyond just trends, our focus is on actual solutions and this will always be the basis of our content. Our team of writers will therefore make it their personal mission to ensure you have access to the highest quality of information available, and in addition to this, our platform will have an open feedback platform where our readers can critique, make additions, or general comments on our articles. Through our vibrant feedback mechanisms, we expect as much interaction and engagement with both our content as well as our team.

We welcome you to be a part of the Schema Web community and invite you to join in this journey of building this magazine into a global phenomenon in design and development.


Timothy Rush

Founder, Schema Web